Rotary Endodontics for Simplified Root Canal Treatment

At Highlands Dental Care, electric hand tools are used during endodontic treatments for making the much dreaded Root Canal Procedures faster and more comfortable for our patients. Rotary endodontic methods offer several advantages over manual root canal treatments:

  • Faster treatment (often in one appointment)
  • Patients feel much more comfortable during the treatment
  • More reliable
  • No unpleasant noises
  • More precision (the flexibility of instruments allows a better negotiation of curved
  • Higher quality treatments (more consistent)

If you or a loved one is suffering with the pain of an infected tooth, do not put off making an appointment for oral care. At Highlands Dental Care, we provide emergency dental care. Not every tooth which has infection or has extensive decay needs to be removed, Root Canal Treatments can help in saving the natural teeth. Contact us to get the tooth evaluated.