Quick And Easy Tooth Extraction At Highlands Dental Care

We, at Highlands Dental Care, strongly believe in conservative treatment and in saving teeth. When a root canal, dental crown or other restorative dental treatment is not enough to save a decayed or injured tooth, tooth extraction may be necessary. Some common reasons of tooth extraction are:

  • Severely broken or decayed tooth which cannot be restored.
  • Wisdom molars which do not have space to erupt.
  • Loosened teeth due to gum disease or dental infection.
  • Risks of infection or inflammation from an infected tooth root or bacteria.

Dr. Sharma and our caring and compassionate staff understands your possible apprehensions towards the procedure. At our modern dental practice we have all the right tools to ensure that your extraction will be as comfortable as possible. If you have a tooth that’s been bothering you, there’s no need for you to keep suffering out of fear of the dentist, and the problem is likely to worsen if it isn’t treated. Call us at (630) 426-6996 or email us to schedule your appointment today, and Dr. Sharma will be able to determine if extraction is what your tooth needs or if there are other options, such as root canal treatment.