Why Dr. Sharma Recommends Tooth-Colored Fillings

Why Should You Replace Your Silver Fillings?

Here at Highlands Dental Care we are known for delivering natural looking tooth colored fillings. You can open your mouth wide and laugh confidently without the fear of any unsightly dark spots being seen on the back teeth. All your teeth will have natural pleasing appearance.

With the advances in the dental technology the Composite filling material have been able to successfully replace the traditional silver fillings on even the back teeth. Their strength is comparable and they result in more esthetically pleasing results. One of the other major advantage with using resin fillings is that unlike Amalgam / silver fillings, minimal tooth structure needs to be removed to place them. Hence resin fillings can be done with minimal drilling and sometimes even no anesthesia!

The edges of silver fillings tend to wear down over time. Eventually they become weak and break, which results the tooth not being protected. When this happens the tooth is at risk of cavities. Also, silver fillings will tend to expand and contract, which can cause the tooth to split. Dr. Sharma can evaluate your existing fillings and replace them if needed. Please contact our team for an exam and consultation.