Implant Restorations At Highlands Dental Care

The implant placements and restorations have revolutionized the treatment for missing teeth. Implant-supported crowns are affixed on the dental implants which provide unrivalled support and stability. These restorations not only look and feel natural, but they also encourage jawbone regeneration at the site of a missing tooth. Dr. Sharma works in conjunction with the reputed Oral surgeons and Periodontists for the surgical placement of the implants best suited for your needs. Once the implants are integrated into the bone Dr. Sharma with her experience and expertise in the field will take precise measurements for the crown to be placed on the implant.

With the high success rate of the implant supported restorations, these are becoming the most desirable options for replacing the missing teeth. If you would like to explore the option of implants for any missing teeth in the mouth, Contact us and Dr. Sharma will be happy to discuss with you if dental implant is the right solution for you.